Why Mumbai
  Why Lower Parel
  Why Vikhroli
  Why Empire
   Why Lower Parel

Situated at Lower Parel in the heart of the city of Mumbai, Empire boasts of more than 400,000 square feet built-up prime property with all basic amenities and infrastructure in place. Centrally located, our sites can be reached within 20 minutes drive from Churchgate in the North and Bandra to the South, making them the ideal location for International Corporate Houses, Banks and Financial Institutions who require large floor spaces for business operations. The Lower Parel, Parel, Elphinston Road and Curry Road railway stations are just a ten-minute walk.

  The main advantage of Lower Parel is clearly its location.

  One could say that Lower Parel is situated within the heart of Mumbai.

  Whether one is coming from South Mumbai or the suburbs, one would spend lesser commuting time to Lower Parel as compared to the locations at the opposite ends of vertically stretched out Mumbai .

near a Western Line Station (Lower Parel) and a Central Line Station (Curry Road).